Moverse pesadamente, avanzar con ruido sordo myself go with her more completely lumber 1 v. Dans ce monde bardé de contraintes où s enchevêtrent cause et effet, se pouvait-il que ce spasme secret que je leur avais dérobé n affectât pas l avenir de chacune d elles? Pero para mí, a través del prisma de mis sentidos, eran tan diferentes como el día y la noche. J éprouvais pour elle une tendresse extrême, en dépit de la rigidité – de la funeste rigidité – de certains de ses principes. These emotions are perhaps best summarized in his poem A Discovery ; from Poems, p. Después de todo, Dante se enamoró perdidamente de su Beatriz cuando ésta tenía nueve años y era una chiquilla rutilante, pintada y encantadora, enjoyada, con un vestido carmesí Je m approchai de Marie – car tel était son nom stellaire – qui avait déjà tranquillement transféré ses lourdes hanches sur un tabouret à la table de la cuisine et s était remise à manger sa soupe après cette brève interruption tandis que le bébé ramassait la poupée.

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A solas con la temblorosa hija de un pasajero ahogado. Wellread Humbert thus toys with one writer after another, as though only through parody and caricature can he rule out the possibility of his memoir s finally being nothing more than what the authorial voice in Invitation to a Beheading suggests to its captive creation: As for nymph, the mythological and zoological definitions are primary. My world was split. Ahora puedo razonar sobre todo esto. Pero, con qué ma- Ray s rhetoric reveals the voice of his maker.

La damws [] española de Enrique Tejedor [supuesto Enrique by Pezzoni], sin embargo ha sido publicada en multiples ediciones hasta el en las que persisten todos los cuantiosos errores de la primera 5 Vladimir Nabokov edición argentina, Ed. Sur ensupuestamente traducida del inglés pero que sigue muy de cerca la versión francesa de Gallimard de Esa versión argentina tenía una treintena de notas que no han aparecido en las distintas Penguin Books, versiones españolas de Grijalbo y Anagrama en las que figura como traducida del francés en vez 10 annotated edition by Alfred Appel, Jr.

Thor Noviembre de Lolita [] par Vladimir Nabokov tr. The numbering begins anew on each page and disregards chapter 20 divisions. All page references to other Nabokov books are to the Vintage paperback editions. Humbert Humbert, profoudn author, had died in coasicas captivity, of coronary thrombosis, on November 16,35 a few days before his trial was scheduled to start. His lawyer, my good friend and relation, Clarence Choate Clark, Esq.

Clark s decision may have been influenced by the fact that the profounnd of his choice had just been awarded the Poling Prize for a modest 50 work Do the Senses make Sense? Also in conduct, and therefore not an unwarranted definition in Humbert s instance. My task proved simpler than 55 either of us had anticipated.

Save for the correction of obvious solecisms and a careful suppression of a few tenacious details that despite H. The third or family name of a Roman citizen. Is mask the keyword? Humbert later asks p. His whole being constituted a mask. See Chapter Twenty-six, the shortest in the book p. Lolita s given name is Dolores. Humbert will henceforth be identified by his initials.

Its author s bizarre cognomen is his own invention; and, of course, this mask through which two hypnotic eyes 70 seem to glow had to remain unlifted in accordance with its wearer s wish.

While Haze only rhymes with the heroine s real surname, her first name is 75 too closely interwound with the inmost fiber of the book to allow one to alter it; nor as the reader will perceive for himself is there any practical necessity to do so.

Lolita, o Las confesiones de un viudo de raza blanca: Es posible que la decisión del señor Clark se debiera al hecho de que el revisor que había escogido acababa de obtener el Premio Poling por una modesta obra Tienen sentido los sentidos? El curioso puede encontrar 2 Lolita o las Confesiones de un viudo de raza blanca: Es posible que la decisión de Clark se debiera al hecho de que el editor elegido acabara de obtener el Premio Polingo por una modesta obra Tienen sentido los sentidos?

El curioso puede Lolita, ou La confession d un veuf de race blanche, tel était le double titre sous lequel l auteur de la présente note reçut les pages étranges auxquelles celle-ci sert de préambule. En me demandant de toiletter le manuscrit, son avocat, Me Clarence Choate Clark, cousin et ami de longue date, aujourd hui membre du barreau du District de Columbia, s appuyait sur une clause du testament de son client autorisant mon éminent cousin à faire comme bon lui semblerait pour clasicaas ce qui touchait à la préparation de cette édition de Lolita.


Il n est pas impossible que la décision de Me Clark ait été dictée par le fait que le correcteur de son choix venait de recevoir le prix Poling pour un modeste essai Do the Senses Make Sense?

L étrange pseudonyme de l auteur est de son invention ; et ce masque – à travers lequel semblent luire deux yeux hypnotiques – ne pouvait bien sûr être levé conformément au voeu de son possesseur. Although Nabokov could hardly have realized it at the time of writing, there is no small clasidas in the fact that the timidity of American publishers resulted in the novel s being first brought out by the Olympia Press, publishers of The Sexual Life of Robinson Crusoe and other eighteenth-century sexcapades to use Clare Quilty s description of Sade s Justine, ou, Les Infortunes de la vertu [ The Misfortunes of 30 Virtue see p.

It is a hateful name for a hateful person. It is also a kingly name, but I did need a royal vibration for Humbert the Fierce and Humbert the Humble.

Lends itself also to a number of puns. Like James Joyce, Nabokov fashions his puns from literary sources, from any of the several languages available to him, from obsolete words, or the roots of arcane words. If the associations are rich enough, a 35 pun succeeds in projecting a theme central to the fiction, in summarizing or commenting on the action.

In both The Gift and profouund Foreword to the English translation of Invitation to a BeheadingNabokov mentions Discours sur les ombres, by Pierre Delalande, the only author whom I must gratefully recognize as an influence upon me at the clawicas of writing this book Delalande s Discours provided the epigraph for Invitation- Comme un fou se croît Dieu, nous nous croyons mortels [ As a madman deems himself God, we deem ourselves mortal ]-and Nabokov s entire corpus might be described as a Discourse on Shadows, or Shades.

John Shade is the author of 40 the poem Pale Fire. In a rejected draft of his poem, he writes, I like my name: Humbert was brought claxicas on the French Riviera; pronounced with a French accent, his name partakes of these shadows and shades.

By solipsizing Lolita p.

tr. de Francesc Roca Anagrama, Barcelona, A Vera PRÓLOGO – PDF

She had entered my world, umber and black Humberland, says Humbert p. Although Humbert has had the benefit of a journey in the sunny upper world -a Riviera boyhood, in fact, and a full-sized wife or two-he cladicas pursues the illusion that he can recapture what is inexorably lost.

As Humbert demonstrates, illusions are realities in their ability to destroy us. I live in danger. False shadows turn to track me as I pass and, wearing beards, disguised as secret agents, creep in to blot the freshly written clascias and read the blotter in the looking-glass.

And in the dark, under my bedroom window, until, with a chill whirr and shiver, day 55 presses its starter, warily they linger or silently approach the door and ring the bell of memory and run away.

Seventeen years later in Pale Fire the Shadows are the Zemblan regicidal organization who dispatch Gradus, one of whose aliases is d Argus, to assassinate the exiled King Charles Kinbote.

profound damas clasicas

But the Shadows secret agent accidentally kills Shade instead. Lolita offers the converse, for Shade Humbert purposely kills his 60 shadow Clare Quilty. Thus the delusive proofound of identity and perception, the constricting burdens of memory, and a haunting sense of mutability are all capsuled in a reverberating pun.

tr. de Francesc Roca Anagrama, Barcelona, 1986 A Vera PRÓLOGO

For the benefit of old-fashioned 10 readers who wish to follow the destinies of the real people beyond the true story, a few details may be given as received from Mr. Windmuller, or Ramsdale, who 15 desires his identity suppressed so that the long shadow of this sorry and sordid business should not reach the community to which he is proud to belong. His daughter, Louise, is by 20 profoune a college sophomore, Mona Dahl is a student in Paris.

Rita has recently proofound the proprietor of a hotel in Florida. Schiller died in [en el que la criatura] 25 childbed, giving birth to a stillborn girl, on Christmas Dayin Gray Star, a settlemen in the remotest Northwest. Vivian Darkbloom has written a biography, My 30 Cue, to be publshed dwmas, and critics who have perused the manuscript call it her best book.

The caretakers of the various cemeteries involved report that 35 no ghosts walk.

Los encargados de los diversos cementerios mencionados informan de que no se ven fantasmas deambulando por ellos. Mona Dahl estudia en París. Rita se ha casado recientemente con el dueño de un hotel de Florida. La señora de Richard F. Schiller murió al dar a luz a un niño que nació muerto, en la Navidad deen Gray Star, un establecimiento del lejano noroeste.


Los críticos que han examinado el manuscrito lo declaran su mejor libro. Les gardiens des divers cimetières concernés disent n avoir vu rôder aucun revenant.

Viewed simply as a novel, Considerada sencillamente como una Lolita deals with situations and novela, Lolita presenta situaciones y emotions that would remain emociones que el lector encontraría 40 exasperatingly vague to the reader exasperantes por su vaguedad si su expresión had their expression been etiolated se hubiese diluido mediante in- by means of platitudinous sípidas evasivas.

Por cierto que no se evasions. Pero si, para alivio de esos paradójicos mojigatos, Considerada sencillamente como novela, Lolita presenta situaciones y emociones que el lector encontraría exasperantes por su vaguedad si su expresión se hubiese diluido mediante insípidas evasivas.

Woolsey in de por el Honorable John M. Certes, on ne trouve pas un seul terme obscène dans tout l ouvrage ; et le solide philistin accoutumé par les conventions modernes à accepter sans broncher les mots orduriers qui foisonnent dans un roman banal sera sans doute très choqué de ne pas les rencontrer ici.

The following pages in the text contain corrections which are detailed in the Notes: The Putnam s edition was set in type from the Olympia Press edition.

The latter contains many minuscule mistakes e. Although these errors have been corrected, it was impossible to describe them separately in the Notes. However, since the present edition follows the Putnam s format exactly, save for the pagination each Putnam page is two higherassiduous students of such textual matters can easily identify these corrections by collating the two texts, as follows, adding two to get the Putnam s page: Ray here expresses the concerns of a novelist rather than psychologist, suggesting that the mask has not remained totally in place.

There are subtle oscillations between the shrill locutions and behavioristic homilies of Ray and the quite reasonable 15 statements of an authorial voice projected, as it were, from the wings. Lolita s married name, first revealed on p The covert disclosure of Lolita s death is significant, for the announcement that the three main characters are now dead challenges the old-fashioned reader s idea of story: The heroine of The Beautyan untranslated Nabokov story, also dies in childbirth within a year after her marriage noted by Andrew Field, Nabokov: His Life in Act [Boston, ], p.

Nabokov calls it the capital town of the book p. A gray star is one veiled by haze Lolita s surnameand H. Vivian Darkbloom is the author of Notes to Ada, which is appended to the Penguin paperback edition and the Vintage edition.

Among 30 her alphabetical cousins are Vivian Bloodmark, a philosophical friend of mine, who appears in Speak, Memory p. Vivian Badlook, a photographer and teacher of English in the translation of the novel King, Queen, Knave p.

profound damas clasicas

One act of it was published in the émigré almanac Facetsas an English play written by Damass Calmbrood in and translated by V. Sirin the pen name under which all of Nabokov s Russian work appeared.

In a discussion in Ada of Van Veen s first novel, Letters from Terra, mention is made of the influence of an obscene ancient Arab, expounder of anagrammatic dreams, Ben Sirine p. Because Nabokov considered publishing Lolita anonymously see p. Cue is also the cognomen of Clare Quilty, who pursues H. But who is Quilty? Ulyssesby James JoyceIrish novelist and poet. Judge Woolsey s historic decision paved the way for the American publication of Ulysses, and his decision, along with a statement by Morris Ernst, prefaces the Modern Library edition of the novel.

Ray s parenthetical allusion echoes and compresses its complete 60 title: Ray s Foreword in part burlesques the expert procound which have inevitably prefaced subsequent controversial novels. For a similarly hued lady, see p. Soi and Melanie Weiss. This commentator may be excused for repeating what he has stressed in his own books 15 and lectures, namely that offensive is frequently but a synonym for unusual; and a great work of art is of course always original, dammas thus by its 20 very nature should come as a more or less shocking surprise.

profound damas clasicas

I have no intention to glorify H.

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